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The tables below list all the java and java keywords available on the Java platform. Click on a link to go to example usage of that keyword for the Java version required.

For keywords such as break and continue, which can be present in differnt loop or conditional constructs we show first usage of the keyword in question:

Keywords marked with an asterisk (*) are not used.

Naming Rules and Keywords

This rule applies to all variables, as well as classes and methods (collectively known as identifiers)

  • You cannot use any of the keywords specified in the tables below when creating your own identifiers.

Java Keywords

Keywords marked with an asterisk (*) are not used.

Click a link in the table below to show lesson usage for any java keyword you're interested in.

java Keywords
casecatchcharclassconst *
forgoto *ifimplementsimport

Java Documentation

java comes with very rich documentation that you will go back to time and again and the keywords listed in the table above are just scratching the surface. The following link will take you to the online version of documentation for the Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 6 API Specification . I suggest adding this link to your browser's favourites toolbar for fast access.