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My first site was a cookery site and I learnt how to do HTML and CSS as I went along with the site.

I must admit that I was pretty clueless about of lot of things regarding HTML and CSS as I wrote that first site and I spent alot of time reading books and surfing the web for help when I got stuck.

I soon realized that HTML was easier than I thought at first. Although there seems like a lot of HTML tags to remember, a lot of tags are used at certain points within a HTML document. Others are purely presentational and CSS is better for these tags. So HTML is basically about structure and CSS is all about presentation.

So after using HTML on that first website with a bit of CSS I had a better idea of how things work together, and proceeded to write several more cookery sites at a faster pace.

After doing these I still wasn't 100% with all the ins and outs of writing a website so I thought while I teach myself everything properly, I will write it down, so others can benefit as well. From this idea the HTML Doctor website was born. This site really taught me a great deal more than the books I had read about HTML and CSS and although a lot of work gave me a great sense of satisfaction when completed.

Having got the HTML and CSS technologies learnt I decided that the next step was to write a site about dynamics while I learn them. So The Learn JavaScript site came into being where I would write down some tutorials on JavaScript and JQuery.

After learning, what for me were new disciplines I went back to my professional background and wrote several sites on server-side technologies.

This site is the culmination of writing these various sites brought together under one roof, so all these disciplines can be easily accessed along with references, quizzes and case studies on the various topics covered.

While I have endeavoured to keep the information on the site accurate and up to date errors may be present. I am only human after all and accept no responsibility for errata on the site. Please contact us if you find errors so I can make the site a better experience for everyone.

I really hope you learn as much from using the site as I have from writing it.


Special thanks to the following:

To all the people at the jQuery site for the wonderful jQuery library, UI and other great additions that are making web pages so much better.

The contributors at the Modernizr project for the HTML and CSS3 detection software which we use on the site.