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Streams Quiz 12

The quiz below tests your knowledge of the material learnt in Streams - Lesson 12 - Parallel Streams.

Question 1 : Which framework do parallel streams use.
- Parallel Streams use the <code>fork/join</code> framework.
Question 2 : We can run a parallel stream wherever we can run a sequential stream?
- We CAN run a parallel stream wherever we can run a sequential stream although this might not always be the best course of action!
Question 3 : Where is the parallel() method defined?
-The <code>parallel()</code> method is defined in the <code>BaseStream</code> interface.
Question 4 : Parallel streams are always faster than sequential streams?
- Parallel streams are NOT always faster than sequential streams and if used incorrectly can be a lot slower.
Question 5 : Which of these methods is not suitable for parallelizing?
- The <code>iterate()</code> method is NOT suitable for parallelizing as it is quintissentially sequential.
Question 6 : The parallel() method of the BaseStream interface is a terminal operation?
- The <code>parallel()</code> methof of the <code>BaseStream</code> class is an INTERMEDIATE operation.
Question 7 : Which of these primitive types works best with streams?
- The <code>int</code> primitive types works best with streams.
Question 8 : Parallel Streams are consumed after use?
- All Streams, parallel or squential, ARE consumed after use, meaning they can only be traversed once.
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