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Streams Quiz 1

The quiz below tests your knowledge of the material learnt in Streams - Lesson 1 - Introducing Streams.

Question 1 : In which version of Java was the Streams API added to the language
- The Streams API was added to Java in version 8.
Question 2 : What is returned after a stream has finished processing?
- After a stream has finished processing it can return <code>void</code>, an object type, a primitive type and also a collection or array.
Question 3 : Streams preserve ordering?
- There is no mutation of elements within a stream, so if the source is from something ordered like a list the stream will preserve the ordering of the list.
Question 4 : How many terminal operations should a stream have?
- Although a stream can have <code>0</code> terminal operations this is pointless as the stream will never execute and so a stream should have only ONE terminal operation.
Question 5 : Streams adopt an iterative approach to programming?
- Streams adopt a DECLARATIVE approach to programming.
Question 6 : What is an advantage of using streams?
- Streams are lazily loaded which can lead to benefits in performance.
Question 7 : Streams are consumed after use?
- Streams ARE consumed after use, meaning they can only be traversed once.
Question 8 : How many intermediate operations can a stream have?
- A stream can have ZERO, ONE or MULTIPLE intermediate operation.
Question 9 : Streams are persisted?
- Streams are NOT persisted although the elements can be stored in an underlying collection or generated when needed
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What's Next?

In the next quiz we test your knowledge of stream pipelining.